Oral surgery

As a specialised dental practice for oral surgery and implantology in the centre of Munich, we can draw on over 25 years of implantological experience.

We offer our patients a high success rate, minimally invasive surgery and a lasting treatment result. Since 2001, the practice has been recognised by the German Society for Implantology DGI, by the Association of German Implanting Dentists (BDIZ) and by the German Society for Implantology (DGZI) as a specialist and focal practice for implantology. Since 2013, the practice has also been active as a teaching practice for the DGI.

Typical fields of treatment in oral surgery

  • Microsurgical apicoectomy
  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth or other displaced teeth
  • Exposure of displaced teeth (canines) tooth extractions
  • Placement of dental implants and all bone reconstruction measures
  • Treatment of oral mucosal diseases and early detection of cancer in the oral cavity
  • Biopsies of mucous membrane and bone
  • Surgical measures to improve the position of dentures
  • Plastic corrections of gums and mucous membrane, e.g. correction of frenulum
  • Removal of cysts and foreign bodies periodontal surgery
Dr. Stephan Girthofer | Fachzahnarzt für Oralchirurgie, Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Implantologie und zertifiziert für die Sportzahnmedizin

Root tip resection

Microsurgical apicoectomy is usually the last chance to save diseased teeth and avoid an implant.

Wisdom tooth removal

We will clarify whether the removal of a wisdom tooth is necessary in an individual consultation with you.

Tooth uncovery

If permanent teeth do not move into place in the row of teeth on their own, you should definitely make an appointment with us.

Dental Accident Centre

We are specialised in dental accidents and can help you immediately. Correctly recognised and treated, even severely injured teeth can often be preserved.

Microsurgical concept

State-of-the-art technology is revolutionising dentistry. We perform root tip resections with the surgical microscope, for example.

After the operation

You can do a lot to help the wound heal quickly. If you follow our rules of conduct after the operation, you will be fit again quickly.

No fear of the oral surgeon

We absolutely understand that you have a queasy feeling when it comes to oral surgery. However, you don’t have to be afraid of the treatment. Talk to us about it! Our team will competently and considerately assist you from the consultation to the aftercare.

Your oral surgeon Dr. Stephan Girthofer takes a lot of time for you. He empathically addresses your personal concerns, fears and special wishes regarding the treatment. You will be informed intensively about every step of the diagnostics and therapy.

For the necessary surgical interventions, Dr. Girthofer’s team pays special attention to a minimally invasive approach. Techniques that are particularly gentle on the tissue are used, which shortens the subsequent healing process after the operation.

To avoid painful conditions, we offer treatments in twilight sleep, partial or general anaesthesia with the cooperating anaesthetists. Together with the oral surgeon, the anaesthetists are there for you before, during and after the operation.

For aftercare, we will inform you in detail about taking the appropriate painkillers.

Do you have an oral surgery problem?

Our promise: a long-term and permanent treatment result!

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