You are our focus


We see our specialist dental practice as a modern service company.

We respond to your individual wishes and needs. We take concerns, worries and fears very seriously. In addition, we try to integrate the treatment plan as optimally as possible into your personal planning. No matter whether it is about the next competition for professional athletes or the radiant smile until your wedding date.

We treat you the way we want to be treated.

In order to provide you with access to information relevant to you at all times, we have summarised here behavioural recommendations, important telephone numbers to various emergency services, checklists for your first visit and offers for our international patients.

You come to us for the first time

Dear patient,

We are pleased that you have decided to undergo treatment in our practice in the heart of Munich.

In order to tailor our treatment to your very specific needs, we need some personal information from you. These questions are summarised in the so-called medical history form. Of course, all data is subject to medical confidentiality.

We look forward to getting to know you and would like you to invest as little of your valuable time as possible in formalities. We therefore ask you to bring the following documents with you to your visit, if possible and if available.

  • Electronic health card (if you have statutory health insurance)
  • The referral and important preliminary findings of your referring doctor (if available)
  • Recent X-rays & X-ray passport (if available)
    models (if available)
  • Vaccination passport, allergy passport and diabetic passport (if available)
  • A medication list, if you have to take medication regularly
  • The completed and signed medical history form for orthodontics or oral surgery (if possible)
  • The completed and signed consent form (if possible)

International patients

We are basically bilingual

All practitioners speak perfect English and German. We conduct consultations and treatments in the language of your choice.

For foreign patients who only understand Russian, Arabic or Japanese, we have contacts with interpreters.


Please contact us directly if you feel that the treatment is not going as planned.

Outside our office hours, you can reach us at the emergency number listed in your patient records. If you do not have this to hand, call us at the practice or send us a message. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.


Dental emergencies

For dental emergencies outside our office hours, please use the cross-insurance company location search of the dental emergency service. At you will find the emergency practice responsible for you at weekends and on public holidays.

Emergency dental practice

Pharmacy emergency service

You can find a list of which pharmacy in your area is currently on emergency duty on the website of the Bavarian State Chamber of Pharmacists.

Pharmacy emergency service
Are there any questions we haven't answered yet?

Write to us or give us a call.