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3D X-ray diagnostics

We have been gaining experience in 3D diagnostics and 3D planning since 2008. That is why we can respond exactly to your needs as a practitioner. You can easily transfer the generated raw data as a Dicom data set and import it into all common planning software programmes.

Our equipment in the field of 3D X-ray diagnostics

Since 2019, we have been using the latest generation of volume tomographs from Orangedental – the PaX-i3D Green. The Pax-i3D 10 “GREEN” masters the 3D rotation in 5.9 seconds in all 3D volumes and acquisition modes, even in the 10×8 volume.

The X-ray dose is significantly reduced with further improved 3D image quality. This innovation is made possible by the latest flat panel sensor technology, which combines the highest resolution and sensitivity. This makes the PaX-i 3D “GREEN” a High Res/Low Dose DVT. This reduces the X-ray dose, minimises the negative effect of scattered radiation and sustainably improves the image quality. Thus, in contrast to the conventional computer tomogram, the radiation exposure is up to 12.3 times lower.

You can show your patients the planned treatment with the surgical intervention visually on the screen and present yourself as an innovative practice. Treatment costs are easier to calculate and can be presented to your patients more transparently. Forensically, you are on the safe side through transparent presentation of the individual planning and treatment steps.

We can send you the Dicom data set with WeTransfer or on a USB memory card, as desired.

3D Röntgendiagnostik für erfolgreiche Behandlung in München


Oral surgery
  • Safety and accurate assessment of the positional relationship of the inferior alveolar nerve to displaced and retained teeth or to teeth before planned WSR.
  • Assessment of the extent and shape of pathological processes with a space requirement in the jawbone
  • Localisation of foreign bodies and root remnants
  • Focus search in case of unclear pain
    Maxillary sinus diagnostics

  • Assessment of spatial conditions and bone availability for implantological issues
  • Precise 3D planning of implant positions
  • Assessment of necessary augmentative measures
  • Complex prosthetic-periodontological rehabilitations
  • Precise periodontological assessment of the value of strategically important abutment teeth

  • Finding additional root canals, secondary canals or accessory roots
  • Assessment of root fillings
  • Assessment of the extent of apical changes

  • Detection of injuries to the teeth and periodontium
  • Detection of injuries to the jaws, temporomandibular joints and midface

Surgical orthodontics
  • Position determination of displaced and impacted teeth
  • 3D planning of skeletal anchorages
  • 3D planning for orthognathic surgery
  • Detection of root resorption
  • Orthodontic diagnostics
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